Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Internet access was voted more important than Plumbing

This is why we are in a housing crash. People vote for a President that will do what they think is right on abortion issues and such, but day to day realities are ignored. Instant issues, knee jerk, scandals, and the like are the issues at hand, no long term leadership or reality. People refuse to face hard facts and own up to responsibilities. Pushing off responsibilities to others is popular so we can blame the other part or person.
Water issues? yeah, the same goes there too.
Greg Chick


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  2. Perhaps we should stress the importance of plumbing, particularly the subject of not ignoring issues when they arise by having people Google some reasons. Connect the Internet with the plumbing subject. I guess that's what we're all doing right now though, actually, huh?! Ha ha!