Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do it yourself ( DIY ) Gas

I got a call today from a man who wanted to know some code issues on gas piping. He was one of many who have become victim to folklore . He didn't think galvanized pipe was OK to use to pipe gas. I assured him it was required when exposed to exterior and above ground.
He then wanted me to sell him "that flex yellow pipe", I replied "what do you mean, CSST or MDPE?" After clearing up what "that flexy pipe" meant, I said that it requires special training and that installers have a card with their name on it by the manufacturer. He understood, but is still piping his gas system himself.
I ask you , if you want to live next door to a Propane gas pipe system installed by an unlicensed, untrained person. I was told that my freedom to swing my fists ended at my neighbors nose. Should there then be a required distance between his house and the public and neighbors? Should gas pipe be sold to non licensed people? Have you ever seen propane explode? Just some thoughts today from the people who call me and my responsible replies. DIY is a great thing, I assist anyone to a fault, but gas pipe is for skilled people who have liability insurance.
Greg Chick, Green Plumber USA licensed, and, yes I have Insurance.