Sunday, February 6, 2011

Useless Opinions, "Compared to what".

First question I have about "Useless Opinions" is, is this one? I often hear someone say " oh I don't believe, this or that" and I think to my self, OK, freedom allows that. However, logic in it's self, is impeccable, most of the time, (by definition). People have logically confirmed the issue and that's it, "a belief". My point here, is BASED ON WHAT? The great Ray Charles (Brother Ray), wrote a song called "Compared too what?"
Water can be "Smart", as can a product in a store, (or at least the sign says so) "logic" either used on products or with with people, you still have the , Compared too what? issue. I think "Smart" & "Green" is like people, "compared to what?" So, is "Green", "smart"?, some don't believe so, as they say, "all this Green BS is just the last ditch attempt to take away our rights by those socialists". With certain "information" that seems logical. Other logic and information could say otherwise. What info., is the "WHAT" in "compared too what" song. Boy oh boy, I sure am getting cryptic here. But, I say, compared too what?

I would like to get a bit less cryptic now. Green Plumbing is smart, and conservation is smart too. all that is needed is the matrix of cost/volume/weight/BTU's/ KWH's/ supply/ demand/laws & codes/ existence & Location of products/ health safety/ and so on.... With out knowledge of this info. one can not make a judgment on what is "smart". Behavior is a big factor in energy/water use or waste. and behavior is based on BELIEFS ! Votes are based on beliefs too. Laws are based on votes. I want to take this opportunity to point out that the word beLIEfs has the word LIE in it. and that is my point, beliefs are too often "useless opinions", that we live by. Freedom, is great, dangerous too, for it is my opinion that Responsibility comes before Freedom. (the responsibility to get the facts, not political beliefs to base our own beliefs on).