Thursday, May 31, 2012

Agent, 86 here, I am an Agent of change. My quest that I have excepted will not self destruct, for it is a sustainable quest. I should say endless instead, because my quest is not Green, for that is only academic. The real task is breaking the status quo...(KAOS).
 With my ph. in my ear, (blue tooth) I answer Google spam all day....and attempt to be a Pagan, (Sun worshiper). The Slick dudes, (KAOS) are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to these folks in DC to spin and drain the publics energy into a black hole. My sexy assistant has a cute hair do and a pencil skirt, she is untouchable, (as usual) and smarter than I am. Ling Ling is her name and she keeps me on task. I tend to fall for silly tricks but she saves me every time.
 This is not about the right thing or sustainability, it is about "the Them" AKA Kaos, they want world dominance and have tropical islands all to themselves. They are everywhere and you never know when they will be in a trash can listening to your shreded documents and monitoring your habits so to sell you more of the evil creature "The Fox." This Fox is controlled by a nameless horse with oily head dress. There is a network of these Foxes and they plot to help most people sleep, no not sheep (We are the sheep) they are the Fox and we are free to fall for all of the freedoms they offer.
 We have rights in this script, they are to think for ourselves (as long as it is on the menu) and Vote for the lullaby of our dreams.... The best part is they prove we are correct in our choice...The Fox has that job....Agent 99 says give it up Max you haven't got a chance, I realize she is right so instead of KAOS, I play in the yard today. Some day my agent 99 and I will listen to music and she will turn in her ear rings and me, my ear piece.