Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What is "Green" who is "Green" Oh give me a break

Prejudging or grouping "green things" together in oneness is Just that!  Does someone who wants to save a buck on electric bills think a republican vice pres. is responsible for dead fish in Sacramento Ca.? (Smelt) ?  Is Al Gore a man of conviction or a demigod socialist?  Will we all burn up in hell ? The media will sell/tell you anything...

Let me start off by saying I have a photovoltaic solar system at my house that makes my electric meter go backwards, (sometimes), as a result my electric bill is lowered.  My system will pay for its self in another 6 yrs. at the current price of electricity. (7 yrs. total) the remainder of the systems life I will get "free" electricity.  This is Green, pun intended.  I also have a solar thermal system at my house, making such hot water, that I need to cover one of the two panels from April to Oct. so the system doesent over heat.  this system will be paid for in heating savings in about the same amount of time as the PV system.  This is also green.  The remaining 20 yrs. of  the 90% hot water I get from the sun will be "free"/ "green"  The HE "green" washer and dryer I got uses less water and power than a "regular" set and I save money there too!  I drive a very high MPG van for my job, it gets 20+ mpg unlike my old gas guzzler 5 mpg! DUH!  I am schooled and trained to engineer plumbing systems that are green, by GreenplumbersUSA.  Waste heat recovery is green sometimes, tankless waterheaters can save energy.

Greenwashing is wrong; I am trained not to do that, I am Green.  Not all things smart, are green, and not all things green are smart.  Have you seen "Smart Water"  I will match wits with a bottle of water any day, and win, for bottled water is neither green, nor smart.  3.5% of the Greenhouse gasses are man made, the rest are made by our green planet, including cow intestinal gases!

On that note, I leave you to your thoughts on what/who is green.
  Greg Chick a licesned GreenPlumberUSA.