Saturday, November 10, 2012

What have you been drinking?

What have you been drinking? I am glad the election is over, I have never liked elections or holidays, but I do believe in Santa Clause....."That's a joke son, Joke I said " as Foghorn would say... I do believe in peace and civility "Give it a chance I said" . Or was that Lennon? anyway the mild mannered method of Obama is one I like, and I am predicting things will be as he says, tough and long to recover from a fantasy crash in economy that was brought on by an absence of Gov. control on Banks! Yes I said lack of Gov. regulation being enforced on that free market of greed in Banking industry... As well as the fantasy on the homeowners who borrowed foolishly, they got buyers remorse when the fantasy value dropped...then walked.. Blame however is not what is needed it is accountability in Politics and policy makers that needs to be enforced. Most people seem to need control placed on them just like children. Plumbing code is my policy making area and I am doing two different styles right now, one is mandated code. The other is free market optional LEED system way of building.,. To pass exams in both LEED and Code it requires ability to think as one opposite then the other. I am learning a framework of thinking that is challenging and one that allows me to see clearly the assumptions myself and some people make in the architecture of there thinking... I see now some errors in my thinking style that I had before. Being able to remove one set of assumptions and trading them for another set is revealing in a way. I see that most assumptions are not really needed to begin with. Actually assumptions get in the way of clear thinking. I think the term "clear" thinking means clear of assumptions! Now that we have that settled, I am wanting to see both free market as one opposite and Gov. control as the other opposite. Where the free market is allowed to roam is one place, and where control is needed is a very different place. the ability to use both ways of thinking in concert is what it is going to take to fix the "Plumbing" of the USA. So why do we need to compromise politically? because one way is not the only way, what works on people in one area doesn't work on people in another. Example, Banks are subject to greed, as are Corporations. Control is needed. Where as censorship in Arts need not be controlled. The Arts are sold and money is part of the industry but the creation of Arts is not one of needing control. Greed in selling, loaning, owning, controlling needs control. Freedom of choice and expression is subject to both control and open with out control. Policy and laws apply here and there needs to be wisdom and responsibility to go along with freedom and the control too. Ethics are needed as are rules, as is freedom to express, what to do with the "Art" that offends? or the freedom to express in public ? Morals? or Laws? or "Shoot to bastard if he offends you" The right to have a gun, the responsibility to express your self with it in public? My question is why must we deny the correct voices in our minds when we have an urge something that is in need of self control? Is it because we want laws? do we want regret? do we not want to grow up? have we been taught the best ways to think to begin with? Do we learn from others or do we need to be punished for our own mistakes as we re invent the wheel of ethics our selves? I suggest we as a nation embrace or system and vote to apply responsibility and ethics our selves and demand it from our leaders. Let us remember who votes to send our jobs to China and who fights to the end for "Party Politics" and is not thinking with all aspects of the mind allowing one set of extreme values to bleed over to areas needing a totally different set of assumptions. Why must there be a party that wins and one that loses? why not both set of assumptions assume the same task of serving the people and not themselves or some billionaire special greedy interest. Like the Koch Bros.