Friday, December 30, 2011

I want an App

If an app was made for "Water Realities" should it be called such? Are Apps the future in public involvement with information? I think Apps should be useable, fun and of real substance if claiming to be. Would a App for Water be one of how to buy? or how clean it is, or what? I want one that tells you what Ground Water at your GPS is like. Where does that Municipal Water System get it's Water and what are the Contamination issues there. Cost per Gallon and records of violations the Wtr. Dist. has had in past. This way one could figure what type of Water Treatment System to choose. No, one size does not fit all. There are areas in this Country that have such Water Issues that Pharmaceutical Companies advise not to use some Medicines based on region! Sound like a good App now? I was asked if I had even ever been to an area before! let alone currently lived there. Keep in mind this regional issue is a moving target as well! How about traveling, do you want to know what pollutants are in the Shower or Restaurant water you consume? The Skin absorbs as much or more of some Chemicals than the Stomach. Water is changing as is the mix of Chemicals and complex reactions to them. I am not going to list details of where to find out which ones are a problem because it is different for everyone. If you are often sick or get rashes, or have conditions that elude modern Medicine, take notice and learn more about Water, it is on my Mind daily.
Greg Chick

Thursday, December 29, 2011

HE Washing Machines, Smelly? or used wrong?

My good friend Jeff sent me a link @ Wall Street Journal "DC has ruined the Washing Machine" I read it, my response is I have an LG Tromm #2487. I have never had odor from my machine or clothes. I am a Plumber, I can get dirty, I get latex on my clothes, black carbon smudges from flappers, washers, and all kinds of schmutz on my clothes. I do not have soft water, I have extremely hard "City" Water. I read the instructions, before using and most often de-select the "warm" setting before starting cycle. I have twice washed a second time, a load of dirty truck rags that I use in my Van on a commercial level. I love my clean results, so does my very picky Japanese wife (Jane). We wash mats that the dogs lay on as well as 3 cats...this means Pet dander, hair etc. I consider my customer today who agreed with Jeff that HE machines stink to be telling me a true story. I think the model matters, brand is as much as model, and possibly miss use as per directions....I however must agree that a bad Machine even used correctly will still be a bad machine!, so, what am I saying? someone choose the wrong machine. I cant blame Washington DC. I will instead blame myself for demanding that DC make Standards and not insist products be tested beter first before going public. Just like the Piss Poor flushing Toilets of the 90"s and earlier this decade. We now have HE Toilets that work, as well as HE Washing Machines that work, it is time you go out and se for your self. Come back with some comments and model #'s....

Greg Chick

Monday, December 19, 2011


Blogma is real esoteric philostrabation that is true because it is found online, and it confirms your beliefs or, it infuriates you and you respond accordingly. Once you respond, it is too late, the Blogma is born.....all you can do is support your position with a decided level of civil or un civil banter. Now what the hey does this have to do with Water? Too many ways to list, so you tell me your take on Water, should it be a Human Right, as Air? or if someone suffocates someone, (no Air), that is Murder, but is depriving them of Water is just as bad? Seriously this happening in other countries, by American Corporations by building Dams and since down stream is left dry, it is OK because the Corp. bought the land to build the Dam!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I will try to Blog daily!

I taught a class at San Diego Urban Corps. this week, wow, what a great program and facility. Seems to me what I taught was that Water is more important than they realized. They are ordinary people, they had no idea that so much waste was happening. I surveyed every student and that was the most often statement. I did not just fill them with my opinions, I used "just the facts Mame"

My other thought of the day, is that YOU need to tell me what you want to know about Water? like why is it so expensive, or why is it so cheap? so dirty, why does anyone think it is unsafe to drink? Why does NY have the best Water? why is the most expensive Water in the country where it rains weekly? and the cheapest Water where rain is rare, and no Ocean or Lake is near by??? Go figure.

Does the Sewer Treatment Plant remove the Hormones in my Medication? from my Waste? Where does all the hundreds of tons of endocrine disrupters go when shipped out of the Drug Factories and Pharmacies ? Does my body keep all of it or pass most of it in tact into a Toilet? Why are Reptiles as confused about gender issues as People are.
Is there real Labs finding mixed gender in all walks of life? (swim, fly, crawl included). Has every Civilization in the past that has fallen had severe Water issues? How many facts are known about Water that are being ignored? Wouldnt you think that "The People responsible will tell us if we need to know" RU Listening?

Yes, Water is still on my Mind, as always, Greg

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can you tell me what I “believe in”?

       I will ask you, what you think I believe in, after I first tell you what I am thinking about.   Water issues of course, but please take me seriously, in spite of my rhetoric, humor and sarcasm.   First let me list some phrases and assumptions.  This is a test, so answer these true or false.  Once you do, I will ask you     “What do I believe in?”
  1.  We have had socialized Water for around a 100 yrs. 
  2. Everyone is entitled to clean Air and Water as a basic Human Right.
  3. “Whisky is for drinking, Water is for fighting over” (Mark Twain).
  4. “You know the value of Water when the Well runs dry”  (unknown).
  5.  “If their was/is Water on Mars, there could be life”
  6.  The Earth is 75% covered with Water. 
  7. Wars have ben fought for thousands of years over Water Rights. 
  8.  Banks will not loan on land that is without Water.
  9.  If Water comes out of a deep well it is clean and “Pure”
  10.  Rain Water is clean and pure.
  11. Nature cleans Water or purifies it naturally in the ground.
  12.  Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon rain so much Water is not an issue.
  13.  The WHO estimates 2.2 million deaths /yr. are attributable to waterborne Pathogens.
  14.  Estimated 19.5 million illnesses/yr. in the US alone from waterborne Pathogens.
  15. Pharmaceutical &  Personal care Products (PPCP) found Nation wide in most all water sources measured in PPB (Parts /Billion) are not relevant to Health issues, if they were the Gov. would not allow it.  Common sense tells you that One drop in the size of 26 Olympic sized Swimming Pools (PPT) is meaningless.
  16. One part per billion of a substance is meaning less as well.
  17. The science of what level of poison is safe, in my judgment, is limited to my education, therefore, my commonsense is the standard by which all shall live. 
  18.  I weigh 1.4 million grains and I am normal/healthy.
  19. You will intake one hundredth of a grain of Arsenic daily for 5 yrs. At my common sense discretion.   You are ok with that, because you are not a paranoid fanatic.
  20.  Everyone has the same tolerance for all water pathogens and pollutants infant to elderly. I am done wasting my time with this issue, I need to do more pressing things like watch the News that will tell me the facts if they come up. 
  21.  Mulholland Rd. is a long winding partially dirt road in LA where Rockford’s Car Tires screech as he slides around corners.   OR   Mulholland Rd. is named after a major figure in Hollywood because Hollywood exists because of him. 

         Finished with my rhetoric, what do you think?

Friday, April 22, 2011

My other Blog

I can just smile when I meet someone who is not fighting Green issues for "Media reasons", I mean to say too many people have a polarized disposition about "Green". I wish everyone would just embrace life and respect the thought of respect being applied something they are not accustomed to respecting. Are some peoples respect only a selective disposition for that which they have learned respect for? and the essence of respect passed them by? Does it always require past tense tragedy to bring people to their knees "off of their high horse"? I just relax and smile when I am around people of respect, that are educated, mature, etc. Sometimes I am pleasantly jolted into joy by someone who just so clearly simply at peace!
I have an idea, how about "Emerging Attitudes" be a class people could take instead of Emerging Technologies. I seem to blur my issues as an Idealist, I want respect to be a Human condition, not an EPA Mandated minimum requirement that that requires an administrative body to enforce. Cap n Trade, is such a structure. Human condition is our problem not energy, water power or anything else. To quote the song by Police "One World is Enough-For all of us" .

A chrome Grill in the rear view Mirror, A Media with an agenda, a faucet that will only sell because of it's price, claim, name, promise,motif,image, anything except its ability to flow water for 50 yrs. Has reality left the Building?
I could plumb a house to work well for 50 years! but the consumer would have to give up something they don't need to pay the extra cost. I might ad that clean safe water and sanitation in reality is more important than most everything else the country consumes it's self an exceedingly more expensive price tag than I seek to supply them with something more important....But why should they pay for something they are entitled to just because other luxuries are more appealing...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frozen Wave

I go to as many Water/Conservation/Green/sustainable/Plumbing meetings and classes as I can. Weekly I cavort with the who's who of the above issues, both regionally and internationally, Acronyms and names of these orgs. can be found on my "about me" page. Recently added are the regional Education and Vocational Education associations, so many I wont list. Everyone is in amazement of how much need for renewable and Sustainable resources exists. Equally amazing is the options that exist, clean respectable and safe ones too. Schools are perched, Manufacturers are ready, inventions, innovations, Workforces, Products, answers, Technologies, everyone is on the edge of their chairs, Solutions out number the problems.... The huge Wave is Frozen.
"I am in Transition" says 1/3 of the room during introductions, a bright beautiful Afro American Woman says, "I'm just broke and unemployed" everyone laughs in a release of tension. We all exchange our overqualified passion and skills only to find empathy, inspiration, and once again realize we are Entrepreneurs in a Frozen Wave. This Wave is embraced by the Feds, the State, everyone, but it just wont crest and fall to a flowing surf ride of Commerce.....
Why not? money is just paper, notes are the same, it is all just a souped up fantasy of world proportion. Confidence is an issue as is surety an issue, this is a Play on a stage where the Director is not getting any applause...Audience is tense, I'm afraid someone is going to yell "Fire!" but in reality the room is full of Firemen! so what is the issue? are we out of Water?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Useless Opinions, "Compared to what".

First question I have about "Useless Opinions" is, is this one? I often hear someone say " oh I don't believe, this or that" and I think to my self, OK, freedom allows that. However, logic in it's self, is impeccable, most of the time, (by definition). People have logically confirmed the issue and that's it, "a belief". My point here, is BASED ON WHAT? The great Ray Charles (Brother Ray), wrote a song called "Compared too what?"
Water can be "Smart", as can a product in a store, (or at least the sign says so) "logic" either used on products or with with people, you still have the , Compared too what? issue. I think "Smart" & "Green" is like people, "compared to what?" So, is "Green", "smart"?, some don't believe so, as they say, "all this Green BS is just the last ditch attempt to take away our rights by those socialists". With certain "information" that seems logical. Other logic and information could say otherwise. What info., is the "WHAT" in "compared too what" song. Boy oh boy, I sure am getting cryptic here. But, I say, compared too what?

I would like to get a bit less cryptic now. Green Plumbing is smart, and conservation is smart too. all that is needed is the matrix of cost/volume/weight/BTU's/ KWH's/ supply/ demand/laws & codes/ existence & Location of products/ health safety/ and so on.... With out knowledge of this info. one can not make a judgment on what is "smart". Behavior is a big factor in energy/water use or waste. and behavior is based on BELIEFS ! Votes are based on beliefs too. Laws are based on votes. I want to take this opportunity to point out that the word beLIEfs has the word LIE in it. and that is my point, beliefs are too often "useless opinions", that we live by. Freedom, is great, dangerous too, for it is my opinion that Responsibility comes before Freedom. (the responsibility to get the facts, not political beliefs to base our own beliefs on).