Saturday, October 31, 2009


Welcome to my Blog,
I want to get some feed back from "the online world" on what is wanted from an experienced plumber. I want you to ask "what is Green plumbing" Also I want to Myth Bust some peoples misunderstandings with facts, not opinion. I do however have opinions, as does everyone, (except Mr. Spock). I challenge you to ask me a question that I can't answer, with reference, mind you. I will surly learn a few things here as will everyone. Information exchange is what blogs offer, not a bashing party for wanna-be know it alls, including myself. I look forward to being corrected, with reference mind you.
Would you like to ask a plumbing question? Make a statement to be discussed ? share experiences?

Subjects of water are many, from toilet to tap (a phrase I hate), to water filtering, wasting, saving, pumping, collecting,. bottling, heating, etc. Trivia is fascinating too, for example only 1% of the FRESH water on earth is acessable to humans to drink. Pure water would not be good to drink! and water is more important than food or medicine. When a dissasterous Hurricane floods a city, water is in very short supply Ask me for my references!

Welcome aboard!