Friday, February 26, 2010

I am going to be a "Father"

Let me start by defining "father".  The International Assoc. of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is the code body world wide.  This code body is accepting my code proposal for upcoming publication.  I have been thinking about this plumbing issue since I was a Teenager! and a newly licensed contractor!  I am now 54 yrs. old and  I am getting my "Baby".  I am assured my child will do well and save millions! probably save a human life.  Thousands of contractors will know my child, but more importantly I am assured good will come.  I am planning another child as well.  Next one will live directly next to the first for life and they will have  replacements to follow their footsteps.  A third is planned as well, I am not really a family man or anything, but  I am ambitious.
  Keep watching for the names of my "children" and the deeds they will achieve . 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

World Plumbing day

The world Plumbing Council has declared March 11 2010 the first annual WPD.  This is the same month with World Water Day  (22nd.).  One might ask why, just Google , 8 to 10,000 people die daily from dirty water.  No they aren't Americans, mostly not white, so "what the hell",  "I got my plate full"  The world is shrinking, boarders are not what they were fences aren't either.  more than 1/2 the world is in dire need of water daily.  Sanitation waste removal is equally needed (when water is used it comes out dirty)  The AWWA stated in a report that 40% of Americas water dist. systems had a cross connection with sewer/E Coli.   Na sayers can factually say "we Americans use less water to day than in 1973!"  True to a point, that means "Per capita"  Population has grown to a point that we use 30% more.  Rain is not increasing, lakes not growing.  only 2% of the fresh drinkable water on earth is available (not frozen in glacier)  AWWA report also stated 30% of water we have harvested and intended for use is unaccounted for!  lost is transport to your town.  Some alarmists and some nay sayers debate "Climate Change"  The facts about water are not debateable, facts as they are, ignorance is the only buffer we have.  Walk for water is a new social awareness program, check it out.  Oh and respect for all is the theme of my message, not dooms day or anything else. 
  Thank you for allowing me to share my convictions, now read up and get your own.