Friday, April 22, 2011

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I can just smile when I meet someone who is not fighting Green issues for "Media reasons", I mean to say too many people have a polarized disposition about "Green". I wish everyone would just embrace life and respect the thought of respect being applied something they are not accustomed to respecting. Are some peoples respect only a selective disposition for that which they have learned respect for? and the essence of respect passed them by? Does it always require past tense tragedy to bring people to their knees "off of their high horse"? I just relax and smile when I am around people of respect, that are educated, mature, etc. Sometimes I am pleasantly jolted into joy by someone who just so clearly simply at peace!
I have an idea, how about "Emerging Attitudes" be a class people could take instead of Emerging Technologies. I seem to blur my issues as an Idealist, I want respect to be a Human condition, not an EPA Mandated minimum requirement that that requires an administrative body to enforce. Cap n Trade, is such a structure. Human condition is our problem not energy, water power or anything else. To quote the song by Police "One World is Enough-For all of us" .

A chrome Grill in the rear view Mirror, A Media with an agenda, a faucet that will only sell because of it's price, claim, name, promise,motif,image, anything except its ability to flow water for 50 yrs. Has reality left the Building?
I could plumb a house to work well for 50 years! but the consumer would have to give up something they don't need to pay the extra cost. I might ad that clean safe water and sanitation in reality is more important than most everything else the country consumes it's self an exceedingly more expensive price tag than I seek to supply them with something more important....But why should they pay for something they are entitled to just because other luxuries are more appealing...