Saturday, September 22, 2018

Title shall remain nameless till second paragraph.

    It falls from the sky, and it naturally comes in a solid, a gas, and a liquid!  A civilization can be controlled by it, (many have), one can be disfigured by it, even killed by it, yet no one can exist with out it for even a week.  It offers life, for without it no life can exist, some life can not breath outside of it, some life can not breath with in it...  At high pressures it can be used to cut steel, and over time it can erode the earth for thousands of miles, thousands of feet deep. It can contain invisible deadly virus, or be used to clean and remove the same.  This stuff is delivered to some homes all over the world for less than the cost it would be to deliver the same weight of dirt.  That is to say, it's cheaper than dirt.

Water is the universal solvent, yes even oil is dissolved  by water, we sweat it from our pores to cool and it is also used to cool the nuclear power generators. It is heated to make steam spin turbines to generate power, steam engines are what made the industrial revolution possible.   But there are many things we do not know about water.  As a matter of fact, most people do not want to know about water because we assume it's service to us is endless and easy.   We open a faucet and expect it is there in the temperature we expect, the flow pressure and volume we expect, and without question that it is clean.   Let's not forget cheap too...

 Will nature be able to naturally clean all the water we make dirty?  If nature has for thousands of years, why not for another thousand years?  Well because clean water needs are based on population and the earths population has multiplied by hundreds of percent since the industrial revolution.  Yes from 2 billion in 1850 to 8 billion today.  And we now have more uses for water and when we use it we cause pollution that has never existed before.  Nature has been out done with chemical creations of never before seen make up and proportions.  

Is this doomsday? no there are technologies created that help the water cycle out in the need for clean useable water.  Behavior however will need to change, governments will need to adopt systems and such.  People who vote will be voting on water based issues that will likely be politicized and presented in such a way as to serve the presenters, not the people.   Remember, civilizations are controlled by water, it's time to know facts not believe in stories told us.