Sunday, October 24, 2010

Survival and water

Pop Culture is not about survival, it is of excess luxury.  Politics are not about survival, instead about what we want to hear (excluding responsibilities). Loans were about an alleged value, not about survival, the money was about image, excess and luxury.  Still we are in very abundant wealth in spite of the "Bad economy"  One might ask "How do you know ? " I say this because I see people buying worthless food at the store, I pods, flat screens, beer, coke (both kinds), auto chrome, DVD's daily even if only a buck to rent.  NO ONE is in need of water.  One might say, no one should be, right?  Right!  but Billions are, and 10,000 people a day are dying because.  So, Survival in based on clean water and sanitation, yet we still fail to see the value of water, ( I am saying we take it for granted).  Do not think that it is our god/government  given right to have enough water to waste and disrespect?  Ever heard the saying "you don't miss your water till the well runs dry"?  do you think that saying just came from a constant stream of flowing hot and cold water?  What the hell am I saying here?  you can turn on the faucet and water comes out.... no problem, right?    I think if everyone knew the available information about water (as much as they know about sports teams or sitcoms) they would be writing as I am, or at the least, using water differently.  Too bad the Bible doesn't say it is a sin to abuse water as it does sex.  If it did, people would be voting differently.  I say this because I think water and sex are equal in importance to life's existence.     Disrespect for either is trouble. 
  Did you know that pharmaceuticals are in all our tap water?  400 points of sewage disposal are dumped into the Colorado River before California drinks it?   Zebra Mussels (shell fish) are lining walls of water mains?  Regional Government bodies use general tax funds to fund water systems to allow growth, but water sustainability has fallen behind growth? and the ability of the utility to clean it or Nature to clean it has reached/passed the safe point?  
   In a word, CONSERVATION is what I am writing about, thank you.
  Greg has Water on his mind.