Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can you tell me what I “believe in”?

       I will ask you, what you think I believe in, after I first tell you what I am thinking about.   Water issues of course, but please take me seriously, in spite of my rhetoric, humor and sarcasm.   First let me list some phrases and assumptions.  This is a test, so answer these true or false.  Once you do, I will ask you     “What do I believe in?”
  1.  We have had socialized Water for around a 100 yrs. 
  2. Everyone is entitled to clean Air and Water as a basic Human Right.
  3. “Whisky is for drinking, Water is for fighting over” (Mark Twain).
  4. “You know the value of Water when the Well runs dry”  (unknown).
  5.  “If their was/is Water on Mars, there could be life”
  6.  The Earth is 75% covered with Water. 
  7. Wars have ben fought for thousands of years over Water Rights. 
  8.  Banks will not loan on land that is without Water.
  9.  If Water comes out of a deep well it is clean and “Pure”
  10.  Rain Water is clean and pure.
  11. Nature cleans Water or purifies it naturally in the ground.
  12.  Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon rain so much Water is not an issue.
  13.  The WHO estimates 2.2 million deaths /yr. are attributable to waterborne Pathogens.
  14.  Estimated 19.5 million illnesses/yr. in the US alone from waterborne Pathogens.
  15. Pharmaceutical &  Personal care Products (PPCP) found Nation wide in most all water sources measured in PPB (Parts /Billion) are not relevant to Health issues, if they were the Gov. would not allow it.  Common sense tells you that One drop in the size of 26 Olympic sized Swimming Pools (PPT) is meaningless.
  16. One part per billion of a substance is meaning less as well.
  17. The science of what level of poison is safe, in my judgment, is limited to my education, therefore, my commonsense is the standard by which all shall live. 
  18.  I weigh 1.4 million grains and I am normal/healthy.
  19. You will intake one hundredth of a grain of Arsenic daily for 5 yrs. At my common sense discretion.   You are ok with that, because you are not a paranoid fanatic.
  20.  Everyone has the same tolerance for all water pathogens and pollutants infant to elderly. I am done wasting my time with this issue, I need to do more pressing things like watch the News that will tell me the facts if they come up. 
  21.  Mulholland Rd. is a long winding partially dirt road in LA where Rockford’s Car Tires screech as he slides around corners.   OR   Mulholland Rd. is named after a major figure in Hollywood because Hollywood exists because of him. 

         Finished with my rhetoric, what do you think?