Friday, July 30, 2010

Plumbing VS Entertainment

  I can save most homeowners or Building owners many times more than they spend on a ball game or monthly cable bill in a few min. of their time with good advice or a minimal service call .  They would also gain the knowledge too keep to use over and over if the need arose.  The reason I can't  do this in practice, is because Plumbing is a "God given right" and people feel entitled to working, hot n cold water to use/waste, and all the other water/Plumbing services that go, or should I say come with being an American.  "Why all of a sudden should I need to replace my water heater, it's been working fine for 9 years".  Someone once said to me "doesn't the city have to fix that" when I told them the water main to their house was broken and I wanted $400. to fix it.  I look in his garage and I see a new car, new Harley, Jet Skies, Bicycles ($1000.00 ones) Big screen TV in the living room , he is leaving on vacation to Europe tomorrow and he can't afford an over priced plumber bill.  What I am saying is people put money into things that are fun and make them look good like hair doos and chrome rims on the truck, but feel it is an necessary thing to maintain the plumbing!  The very thing that separates us form "Emerging countries" where thousands of people die every day due to poor sanitation and no plumbing.  I am suggesting that it is not People Magazine (Brad & Jen) that separate us from sickness and death from fecal matter, it is the safe and clean working plumbing system and the Toilet Bowl.  Not the fantasy's of glamor and the Supper Bowl.   
  America's water distribution and sewage collection systems are also in poor shape.  Estimates are in the tens of Billions of dollars to fix our very old pipes/systems.  I know some people keep the cable service and let the plumbing go un maintained as well as cities build Stadiums and let the raw sewage flood the streets and water ways into the ocean.  Just Google the water contamination from sewage spills, the American Water Works has a lot on the issue.   But that is someone Else's  concern  not yours, right. 
    I am sorry if I have bothered you with the facts, I feel better now, I am going to click publish and feel even better.