Saturday, March 19, 2011

Frozen Wave

I go to as many Water/Conservation/Green/sustainable/Plumbing meetings and classes as I can. Weekly I cavort with the who's who of the above issues, both regionally and internationally, Acronyms and names of these orgs. can be found on my "about me" page. Recently added are the regional Education and Vocational Education associations, so many I wont list. Everyone is in amazement of how much need for renewable and Sustainable resources exists. Equally amazing is the options that exist, clean respectable and safe ones too. Schools are perched, Manufacturers are ready, inventions, innovations, Workforces, Products, answers, Technologies, everyone is on the edge of their chairs, Solutions out number the problems.... The huge Wave is Frozen.
"I am in Transition" says 1/3 of the room during introductions, a bright beautiful Afro American Woman says, "I'm just broke and unemployed" everyone laughs in a release of tension. We all exchange our overqualified passion and skills only to find empathy, inspiration, and once again realize we are Entrepreneurs in a Frozen Wave. This Wave is embraced by the Feds, the State, everyone, but it just wont crest and fall to a flowing surf ride of Commerce.....
Why not? money is just paper, notes are the same, it is all just a souped up fantasy of world proportion. Confidence is an issue as is surety an issue, this is a Play on a stage where the Director is not getting any applause...Audience is tense, I'm afraid someone is going to yell "Fire!" but in reality the room is full of Firemen! so what is the issue? are we out of Water?