Thursday, December 29, 2011

HE Washing Machines, Smelly? or used wrong?

My good friend Jeff sent me a link @ Wall Street Journal "DC has ruined the Washing Machine" I read it, my response is I have an LG Tromm #2487. I have never had odor from my machine or clothes. I am a Plumber, I can get dirty, I get latex on my clothes, black carbon smudges from flappers, washers, and all kinds of schmutz on my clothes. I do not have soft water, I have extremely hard "City" Water. I read the instructions, before using and most often de-select the "warm" setting before starting cycle. I have twice washed a second time, a load of dirty truck rags that I use in my Van on a commercial level. I love my clean results, so does my very picky Japanese wife (Jane). We wash mats that the dogs lay on as well as 3 cats...this means Pet dander, hair etc. I consider my customer today who agreed with Jeff that HE machines stink to be telling me a true story. I think the model matters, brand is as much as model, and possibly miss use as per directions....I however must agree that a bad Machine even used correctly will still be a bad machine!, so, what am I saying? someone choose the wrong machine. I cant blame Washington DC. I will instead blame myself for demanding that DC make Standards and not insist products be tested beter first before going public. Just like the Piss Poor flushing Toilets of the 90"s and earlier this decade. We now have HE Toilets that work, as well as HE Washing Machines that work, it is time you go out and se for your self. Come back with some comments and model #'s....

Greg Chick

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