Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New year

Just for fun lets re-think everyday assumptions. For example, what do you owe the world, today, right now? Yes, this is a ridiculous question, so go back to what you were doing and continue as if it owes you something. Why not, everyone else does. After all, you are a follower not a leader, why, to what end can you do or be anything anyway?
Just for fun, re-think such attitudes. Most people without realizing it have. Be someone who questions your own habits, question your own assumptions on a daily basis, just for a week, and see how selfish it is acceptable to be. I am cursed with the mirror in front of me reflecting my assumptions. Misery loves company, so give it a view and see if you really want to be who you are, or if you can be better by not assuming so much. More is assumed than I thought possible, I have found most of all we do is assumptive. This can be fun if you are into social behavior watching. I mean, if you forget about yourself and just impose this on everyone else....

What does this have to do with water? I assume we can let everyone else worry about that. Or can we? Social change is on the table, for if we don't reevaluate the norm we are going to continue in the direction we are going.
Get out of the box society has placed us and have fun, be responsible, and have a better year because you made it better, not a status quo bummer because they did it to us.....

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