Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I wish a good comedian would address water issues. Actually, I wish I was a good Comedian. You know how when it's "In your Face" and true exaggerated maybe, maybe not, it is funny? About Stuff and Insanity Cycle are videos on YouTube that address Water and People. I want even more "In your Face" Water issues that are kinda like Seinfield or one of those angry, yelling, stand ups that spit vapor atomizes the air around them when they are excited.

When water is pricier this will be the case. Guests will come over and hosts will yell threw the bathroom door "Hey what you doing in there @#$%^&&ing off ?!" Or insist to a hot female guest the house policy is to shower together;
gay or straight, depending on the show. Or having camp chairs with plastic bags for #1 & #2, and having crazy things happen with the bags. Tooth Paste you have to swallow; creativity that is beyond my conception, I am not a comedy writer, but you get the drift. I am ready to see this, and we need to make fun of this issue to bring it to fruition.

Gallagher could really roast the "Water Nazis" Come on folks, I need some Comic Relief. Did you know a prohibition on bottled water was passed for Congressmen and Women? It saved over a million dollars expense!

Greg Chick

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