Saturday, August 16, 2014

Water Fence, a great idea, and you saw it here!

   I just found this product and was so impressed, I wanted to put it here,   

Innovative, new fresh water storage system that utilizes roof rain runoff into an interconnected fence system that can store thousands of gallons of water giving you the possibility of water sustainability, even in severe drought situations. We can’t do anything about when it will rain but we do know it will rain again, and it is up to each individual to do their share in preparing and saving every drop. Every time it rains you add water to your system.

The patented Water Fence System works very simply, as the water runs off the roof and drains into the fence, it continues to fill any number of fence sections you may have

To calculate your water savings, take the square feet of your roof x each inch of rain x the conversion factor of .632 to get how many gallons of runoff you get for every inch of rain. In example, a 2,000 square foot roof x 1 inch of rain x .632 = 1,264 gallons of fresh water

This fence takes the place of your existing wood fence and should last almost forever. It is 100% recyclable, made of (HDPE) Polyethylene. No more trees ever again have to be cut down for the building of fences, allowing them to do what they do best, absorbing Co2 out of our atmosphere combating Global Warming.

Water naturally seeks its own level and fills each section evenly, and each section holds 320 gallons and when connected together, the fence can hold thousands of gallons of fresh pure rainwater.

To distribute the water, just connect a hose to your fence via the already installed spigots. The fence has been professionally engineered to easily withstand the weight of water in it and also has been engineered to withstand most seismic events.

WaterFence is also a terrific fire barrier! The HDPE fencing will not burn forming a fire resistant wall around your home. With the addition of a small water pump (with a battery backup) and a water delivery system to your roof, you have a fire suppression system that gives your home a recirculating water supply which is a way of giving your home a fighting chance against floating embers that land on your roof, even when water and power have been shut off.

The design on the fence can be individualized into any design/color that you would like and be made to look like a Rockwall, or a stone wall just about any design you prefer.

Home builders or developers can simply send a rendering of a desired fence look of their development and it can be reproduced exactly to what they want.

To see what WaterFence looks like and to vote on your favorite design please visit  “Water Fence” on facebook

  If you were to "Google" or search this product you can find out more,  or just ask me…


  1. I'm grateful that you shared this wonderful information in your blog. The Water Fence System is a truly inspiring housing product which many homeowners would love to install in their homes. I agree that it's designed to allow us to save money and protect valuable water supply through effective conservation.

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  2. Prevention is always better than cure, the tips you have given should help maintain water table. Small plumbing effort can make a lot of difference.

  3. Greg, this is a cool concept. What's the price point on it? Have you tried it out?