Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm alive!

Yes I am and so can you be too, I just realized that the 3 million views of my videos has un doubtedly saved tens of millions of dollars. If everyone saved leaking water, that too is millions of gallons of water. If you consider a customer might save a hundred dollars not calling a plumber the total savings is quite high. Now what kind of plumber am I doing this to my industry? My fellow Plumbers have been understanding so far. The people who use my videos have already decided to DIY and some of them have decided to not diy after seeing just how involved the tasks can be. Other tasks like auguring a toilet is a task many homeowners and even renters have done to "save their ass" from landlord or spouse or parent or just an expense during the "Holidays" If we all just learn to conserve and share resources as well as sharing skills the world will be a better place. I really get a great feeling when replies to videos say thanks, even better when they tip the tip jar on the diy plumbing advice site. I am not sure what is better when I look online and learn something my self and save money,or when I get thanked for a "tip"on how to do... The spam is a drag, the tech mumbo jumbo and crashes are a drag, but the opportunity exists to optimize life to the best in any arena. The ability to use the internet will be key in future to how well get along and enter act with the emerging world. My vision of virtual plumbing was in 1997 and now it is close to what I visioned. With out personal affections the web is just "DOS", Graphic User Interface,(GUI) is the pretty part of a computer screen, the symbiotic parts of the online world are smart phones and such. You can now video shoot a plumbing task and send it to me and I can reply with a video on the solution. I was never a geek, still not, my web partner Bill is the geek doing the magic here, I am just content, as you are just viewer. How easy it will be in the future is yet to be seen, but I bet holographs will come to the smart phone... "Help me Ob-wan, your our only hope" is my dream to be asked as a virtual plumber. I will need to get that name... "Who you gonna call" ("Ghostbusters")Kinda thing.. As for movies and TV I have not subscribed to much of that, but I did watch "Max Headroom" and that was way ahead of its time so it was dumped. A bit of track for plumbing? not really, that is my point, learning to be virtual is a virtue! pun intended. This is how ever far one wants to take it, the ability is limited only by the willingness to learn how to do. I do not waste much time with anything that is not learning emerging or re learning where I was wrong. Making the day as net worthy as possible, I mean in ways to either be better, smarter, richer, or wiser. Oh, I forgot healthier too. at my age that is a given. What if we all had experts on speed dial so to speak, online answers to anything, anytime, anywhere?.... well we do, just use your voice control on your smart phone and ask the internet as you sit in any place... When I was a teen it was "Hee Haw" on TV, now it is E How online, a bit better I would say, wouldn't you? Buckle up because the next decade will be a great one, and don't let the "News" in the media steal your attention away from the tools you are now able to use, the "them" would rather you be scared and distracted than to be active learning how to operate in the new frontier. Don't be a slave to TV, be a participant in the WWW. Be well, Namaste and latter dude. Greg

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