Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From .12 cents to $2,000.00 in one canal.

Most have no idea that water travels 440 miles from Sacramento or from Az. to Ca. and at Parker Dam connection to Colorado River connection water is bought at .12 cents for an acre foot of water. When sold in San Diego sold around $2,000.00 an acre foot. Dead bodies have been in that water from "Wet backs" drowning in the "All American Canal" that is 240 miles long. They say yuck to Recycled Water from sewage, what do they know? All I want to say is water is not just a fluid that flows out when you touch a valve. Water is going to be sold by pre paid meters soon. This means the meter is programed by the amount you buy, then cuts off when amount has been delivered. This ability is now being used in many places around the world. Most people have no idea what is coming. I will be presenting at the Water Sense, Water Smart, Expo in Las Vegas next week and I will be presenting the idea that totally safe water is not cost effective to deliver to the country coast to coast. I suggest we put a warning label on it in the water bill saying "Warning" just like at the gas pump, just like on Liquor, like on dishes , like on Pharmaceuticals . Times are a changin, not just for us Bob Dylan fans but for real. Don't say I did not warn you.


  1. Nice blog and enormous discussed to plumber, thanks author

    1. Thanks, I am not sure, but my idea is honest, real and do able. The industry might be taking a more ambitious approach. I was told a dual piping for utility water and another for potable water is more agreeable in the "at large" industries. This I find very ambitious, but an option. Very expensive and everyone is going to pay for a double pipe system, but everyone could get a quantified agreed upon (by the at large industry) level of treatment. Keeping in mind as of now, pregnant moms are told to not use "Potable, Tap water" from most Utilities. Bottled "Baby pure" water is recommended. Having said that, immune suppressed patients or others of medical conditions with compromised conditions drink water treated to a level of better purity. Some people ranging from 80 to 90% depending on region already feel "Tap water" is not safe to drink, buy bottled water. I feel bottled water is a problem. So, I recommend treating potable water in home with a treatment system approved by the WQA (Water Quality Association) and NSF and other standards. By using a POU (point of use) system one can chose the level of treatment and can insure that level by assuming responsibility and changing or servicing the system to WQA standards set by the Manufacture and agreed upon by a third party (WQA).
      This free choice, free market, transparent, high level of assured quality is my preference. The option of having someone else be responsible and
      paying for that is also a choice, what is yours? Who do you trust? what do you trust? who is responsible? what level of treatment do you think is needed? do you know what is in the water? Can you say endocrine disruptors? Do you want to think about this? do you even care? do you know of the emerging contaminants? Can a central system deal with this? are they now? do you know how many water districts fail to meet existing standards? Did you know Detroit Water municipality is laying off over 80% of its staff? do you know how many districts are being taken over by for profit corporations? This list is a real list of real issues, we are really challenged. We all need to listen up. I am not doom & gloom, I am just aware of more than most people.

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