Friday, February 17, 2012

So, what's all the hub-bub, bub?

Water Wells gone dry, Sink holes big enough to drop a School Bus in, Arsenic and other toxins, 200 more contaminants the EPA is adding to the existing 100, so that's tripling the burden on Water delivery systems. 150 yr. old Water mains in Portland collapsing, hundreds of Water districts needing to get Bonds passed from the General Tax base. Ground Water contaminants pluming two hundred ft. below surface able to be seen by new technologies. The abilities to test Water contaminants down to parts per trillion and parts per billion. Medical tests able to trace the heavy Metals in cadavers to same levels and correlation is standing the test of Courts and peer review. Some Pharmaceuticals require a signed statement that the patient has NOT visited or drank Water from certain regions of the US and other places. Endocrine disruptors in ground Water clinging to Fluoride and releasing in the body of infants causing serious deformities. Millions of tons of Pharmaceutical substance shipped out of factories a year only to be ingested and then out in toilet to Leach Fields or Sewage Treatment Plants only designed to process Sewage not complex new substances of serious issue. Nature not able to neutralize and only getting more concentrated daily. Water going to food transfers these PPCP's (Personal & Pharm.Care products) to food and the cycle is complete. The sooner we go to processing all potable Water with RO or equal the better. As well start processing all Sewage with RO as well. So, we might as well just kick it up a notch and be real safe and drink "Toilet to Tap" ! The other sources are not clean enough! Salt Water is expensive compared to waste Water to clean up, so Cheers!

A Toast to Politicians, Chemical Mfgrs. Water Districts, Sewage Districts, up and coming Bonds in a city near you, and last but not least, Poop.


  1. Jaylen,
    Well, (deep subject with toxins at the bottom), I just thought I would attempt to tell folks out there in La La Land what is making some of us so passionate about the environment. I never grew up to be a lefty Commie, or Socialist wanting to take money from the rich folks in large corps. I just have been getting an education from the Authorities having jurisdiction and people in the field who deal with issues on a daily basis. (in the trenches) not the Media. There are some pristine ares left, but at current trajectory, they are next. Now, if education is widespread, thru the internet, the people have an informed decision. My sources are American Water Works Assoc. Water Quality Water Assoc. American Society Plumbing Mechanical Officials , EPA, Irrigation Assoc. Local and nation wide utility districts, Water Districts, Sewer Districts, State, City, County Health Depts. Medical Assoc. and my Wife, she is an MD. and my better half. Oh well I might as well come clean, I listen to NPR on Sat. morn. if I can, the show "what do ya know" and " A way with words" are funny and I need some relief .

    Greg Chick, Water Geek

  2. Scary stuff. It's a big problem, and no one's gonna deal with it since they don't know what to do about it!

    On the plus side, when you get sick you can drink some water and if you're lucky, get the meds you need..