Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water on your Bill.

We get a bill, we pay it. If we know enough about it , we can call and object/correct an overcharge. We can see the charges on a credit card statement and admit to having bought the items, or see an error. We can't if we don't understand the statement. We can't budget or manage a statement that we don't understand. Do you understand your water bill ? I mean the specific charges, not just the over due amount! What if the price for gas at the filling station was as confusing as a water/sewer bill? Thinking you could get a better price up the street, you would learn the lingo and start shopping. Your water bill is "negotiable" did you know that? Yeah, you negotiate your behavior and fixtures and your bill reduces! It is all about YOU!

Your responsibility is to first understand the pie chart, so to speak, of the bill.
  • First is the "CCF" you might have, AKA one hundred cubic feet of water. Also 748 Gallons. 
  • The sewer fees may be per volume of water used, or a flat fee, or you may not have a sewer fee. (Approx. 21% of the USA uses a "Private Sewage Disposal System") AKA a septic system. 
  • Water use can be listed as "Gallons Per Day" or GPD. Often compared to "same time last month" or "last year at same time." 
Seasonal use is relevant. For example: outdoor water use can be 1/2 of the water bill, and "household" use be only 1/2 of the entire bill. This is a "seasonal use." Why waste money on a water bill that is "over charging" you! Get with the budget and start learning, because water bills are going UP.

Your water utility has a Conservation Department or person that will help you for free. That phone call is the first step in correcting your "over charges." Don't be a sucker (of water); be a responsible consumer and save the wasted money, so you can send me a tip in my Tip Jar at my Website.

Thank you for your concern about our water and your money.

Greg ,
A Licensed Green Plumber USA

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