Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Retail Myths, and Fashion Statements with a Faucet.

Why do people think that just because the home center will sell the plumbing stuff, that it is easy to put in CORRECTLY; or just because it's a Moen or Kohler or whatever, that it is repairable or even a good product to begin with? Most all big name company's have made some good /excellent product, but, please lets not be blinded by advertising claims, name recognition and the like. I have heard people who cant pronounce Moen, yet insist it's good because it is. (Moan).

Lifetime warranty ? Get real, we have the technology to make plumbing products last a lifetime, but not enough people will pay $1000 for a faucet installed, or if they are willing to pay that (and they were a few years ago), it had to look like a sculpture or a fashion statement. Fashion statements in plumbing take a toll on a functional product. I have seen many display faucets that get broken on display in store, too high of reach for kids too!

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