Saturday, September 22, 2018

Title shall remain nameless till second paragraph.

    It falls from the sky, and it naturally comes in a solid, a gas, and a liquid!  A civilization can be controlled by it, (many have), one can be disfigured by it, even killed by it, yet no one can exist with out it for even a week.  It offers life, for without it no life can exist, some life can not breath outside of it, some life can not breath with in it...  At high pressures it can be used to cut steel, and over time it can erode the earth for thousands of miles, thousands of feet deep. It can contain invisible deadly virus, or be used to clean and remove the same.  This stuff is delivered to some homes all over the world for less than the cost it would be to deliver the same weight of dirt.  That is to say, it's cheaper than dirt.

Water is the universal solvent, yes even oil is dissolved  by water, we sweat it from our pores to cool and it is also used to cool the nuclear power generators. It is heated to make steam spin turbines to generate power, steam engines are what made the industrial revolution possible.   But there are many things we do not know about water.  As a matter of fact, most people do not want to know about water because we assume it's service to us is endless and easy.   We open a faucet and expect it is there in the temperature we expect, the flow pressure and volume we expect, and without question that it is clean.   Let's not forget cheap too...

 Will nature be able to naturally clean all the water we make dirty?  If nature has for thousands of years, why not for another thousand years?  Well because clean water needs are based on population and the earths population has multiplied by hundreds of percent since the industrial revolution.  Yes from 2 billion in 1850 to 8 billion today.  And we now have more uses for water and when we use it we cause pollution that has never existed before.  Nature has been out done with chemical creations of never before seen make up and proportions.  

Is this doomsday? no there are technologies created that help the water cycle out in the need for clean useable water.  Behavior however will need to change, governments will need to adopt systems and such.  People who vote will be voting on water based issues that will likely be politicized and presented in such a way as to serve the presenters, not the people.   Remember, civilizations are controlled by water, it's time to know facts not believe in stories told us.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Water Fence, a great idea, and you saw it here!

   I just found this product and was so impressed, I wanted to put it here,   

Innovative, new fresh water storage system that utilizes roof rain runoff into an interconnected fence system that can store thousands of gallons of water giving you the possibility of water sustainability, even in severe drought situations. We can’t do anything about when it will rain but we do know it will rain again, and it is up to each individual to do their share in preparing and saving every drop. Every time it rains you add water to your system.

The patented Water Fence System works very simply, as the water runs off the roof and drains into the fence, it continues to fill any number of fence sections you may have

To calculate your water savings, take the square feet of your roof x each inch of rain x the conversion factor of .632 to get how many gallons of runoff you get for every inch of rain. In example, a 2,000 square foot roof x 1 inch of rain x .632 = 1,264 gallons of fresh water

This fence takes the place of your existing wood fence and should last almost forever. It is 100% recyclable, made of (HDPE) Polyethylene. No more trees ever again have to be cut down for the building of fences, allowing them to do what they do best, absorbing Co2 out of our atmosphere combating Global Warming.

Water naturally seeks its own level and fills each section evenly, and each section holds 320 gallons and when connected together, the fence can hold thousands of gallons of fresh pure rainwater.

To distribute the water, just connect a hose to your fence via the already installed spigots. The fence has been professionally engineered to easily withstand the weight of water in it and also has been engineered to withstand most seismic events.

WaterFence is also a terrific fire barrier! The HDPE fencing will not burn forming a fire resistant wall around your home. With the addition of a small water pump (with a battery backup) and a water delivery system to your roof, you have a fire suppression system that gives your home a recirculating water supply which is a way of giving your home a fighting chance against floating embers that land on your roof, even when water and power have been shut off.

The design on the fence can be individualized into any design/color that you would like and be made to look like a Rockwall, or a stone wall just about any design you prefer.

Home builders or developers can simply send a rendering of a desired fence look of their development and it can be reproduced exactly to what they want.

To see what WaterFence looks like and to vote on your favorite design please visit  “Water Fence” on facebook

  If you were to "Google" or search this product you can find out more,  or just ask me…

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It never rains in southern California, but when it does…...

       We are in a drought, my town of Ramona has had only 5" of rain this yr.  instead of  about 15" that as our norm.  Private water Wells are dropping down so low they are sucking air!  Then there are the people on "City water" they are being told to reduce water waste. some are told not to water the yard.  The rest are told not to water the sidewalk or un landscaped areas.  Even that a $500 fine could be imposed if they waste.
   I tell folks get a rainwater catchment system, it's great for plants.  People reply it doesn't rain enough.   I say,  It's a sin to use tap water in landscape pots because the salts/minerals in tap water are extreemly high and the build up from time where the water evaporates  and the minerals stay makes for poor plant performance in many plant varieties.      Not only is rain water free, it is water that otherwise is a burden to the storm drains and municipal flood control system.              
    So, let's look at what your assets are.  The roof is larger than your house footprint due to the eaves.  One might say oh come on you can't get that much water from a roof….How about 623 gallons per thousand sq. ft. per inch of rain!   so, if you have 2,000 sq. ft. and live where you get severe drought rainfall of only (5"),  you can collect over 6,000 gallons.
    So, you ask what can 6,000 do? Well, flush toilets for two people over a year!  Then it rains again.  Now why would we want to use fully treated tap water to just flush down the drain?   Why would we use tap water to water a landscape?   I will tell you what people use tap water to flush toilets and spray all over outdoors,  because they can!,  water is cheaper than dirt! But wait, will be be allowed to continue to waste water like this?  No,  we can not continue this waste, it is not sustainable!.  That is to say,  it is not "green" or even politically correct.  Some areas wasting water in criminal.   As I said earlier, it is a sin…. in any case.
   So, why are we short of water?   we have oceans and desalination has been done for decades…  The answer is we use so much water that when every home in San Diego uses 130 gallons a day and there are 2 million buildings the amount needed exceeds what we have!  Population is growing, as are applications of life that use water.  Did you that every product we consume requires water to make?  so we as people consume the hundreds of gallons daily just in our diet.  This is called the water footprint.   Google that term and read up,  I will let you go so you can.. thanks..

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Plumbing Tips for Spring
Guest contributor Patricia Bonacorda

As spring approaches, it is time to get ready for warmer weather. There are plenty of items to check both inside and outside of the home. Here are some fast and easy ways to prevent plumbing problems from occurring after the seasons have changed.

Exterior Home Prep

Clean the gutters: It is important to head to the roof and clear out the gutters and downspouts. Throughout the winter, debris builds up which can lead to clogs. These blockages may cause water damage, mold growth or costly leaks. Cleaning out the area will prevent these problems.

2. Examine the sump pump: Spring can be a rainy time, so it is essential to make sure the sump pump is in working order. To test the pump, you’ll have to pour some water into the pit. The pump should start after a few seconds, eliminate the water and shut back off. If this does not occur, it is important to contact a plumber. This will prevent the pump from burning out.

3. Check the outside hose bibs and faucets: When the ground thaws, one should check outdoor faucets for drips and leaks. A pipe may have frozen over winter and will need to be repaired. Look here for guidance if you need to replace one.

Interior Home Prep

1. Examine toilets: It is vital to check a toilet for leaks. To do this, drop some food coloring into the tank and wait an hour to see if the bowl water changes color. If that happens, it means the toilet is leaking. This can waste a great deal of water and raise monthly water bills. A plumber can easily fix the problem. Also, it is important to make sure the toilet is properly flushing. If it is necessary to wiggle the handle, it’s time to replace one or more of the parts inside the tank — they’re usually inexpensive.

Clean the showerhead: Many homes have water filled with minerals that deposit over time. Vinegar can be used to open the clogs in a showerhead and return it to like-new condition. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around the showerhead. After soaking overnight, the mineral deposits should be gone.

3. Tend to drains: It is essential to make sure all drains have strainers that prevent clogs. Bathroom pipes can collect hair and soap, and kitchen pipes may collect pieces of food. These can lead to blockages that must be opened by a plumber. For the do-it-yourself person, try these methods on how to clean and unclog drains without the use of chemicals or fancy tools.

4. Inspect all pipes: Bathroom and kitchen sinks often have pipes you can easily see by opening the cabinets underneath. It is vital to inspect all pipes for leaks. Replacing damaged pipes will avoid expensive water damage.

5. Check the washing machine and dishwasher: The washing machine and dishwasher are two appliances that contain many hoses. Check for bulges or leaks in these hoses, and if there are any signs of weakness, or if the items are older than 10 years, it is wise to replace them. This will avoid messy leaks.

6. Inspect the water heater: It is essential to make sure the water heater's temperature setting is not above 120 degrees. This will prevent scalding and save energy. Also, when a home has a conventional tank-style appliance, it is important to drain a few gallons and flush away sediment that builds. This sediment causes corrosion and lowers efficiency. A tankless water heater should be flushed to remove deposits as well. Read and watch a video on the importance of water heater safety here.

The above tips are just a few easy ways to get your home ready for spring. Checking these things will help avoid costly water and repair bills, and certain items may be easily fixed without help. However, if the repairs seem too difficult, a qualified plumber will be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Author Bio:
Patricia Bonacorda is the President of Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, a plumbing and HVAC company that has assisted commercial restaurants and residential homes since 1964. Spartan Plumbing is a licensed, bonded and insured business that has provided professional plumbing, heating and air conditioning services throughout the DC Region.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm alive!

Yes I am and so can you be too, I just realized that the 3 million views of my videos has un doubtedly saved tens of millions of dollars. If everyone saved leaking water, that too is millions of gallons of water. If you consider a customer might save a hundred dollars not calling a plumber the total savings is quite high. Now what kind of plumber am I doing this to my industry? My fellow Plumbers have been understanding so far. The people who use my videos have already decided to DIY and some of them have decided to not diy after seeing just how involved the tasks can be. Other tasks like auguring a toilet is a task many homeowners and even renters have done to "save their ass" from landlord or spouse or parent or just an expense during the "Holidays" If we all just learn to conserve and share resources as well as sharing skills the world will be a better place. I really get a great feeling when replies to videos say thanks, even better when they tip the tip jar on the diy plumbing advice site. I am not sure what is better when I look online and learn something my self and save money,or when I get thanked for a "tip"on how to do... The spam is a drag, the tech mumbo jumbo and crashes are a drag, but the opportunity exists to optimize life to the best in any arena. The ability to use the internet will be key in future to how well get along and enter act with the emerging world. My vision of virtual plumbing was in 1997 and now it is close to what I visioned. With out personal affections the web is just "DOS", Graphic User Interface,(GUI) is the pretty part of a computer screen, the symbiotic parts of the online world are smart phones and such. You can now video shoot a plumbing task and send it to me and I can reply with a video on the solution. I was never a geek, still not, my web partner Bill is the geek doing the magic here, I am just content, as you are just viewer. How easy it will be in the future is yet to be seen, but I bet holographs will come to the smart phone... "Help me Ob-wan, your our only hope" is my dream to be asked as a virtual plumber. I will need to get that name... "Who you gonna call" ("Ghostbusters")Kinda thing.. As for movies and TV I have not subscribed to much of that, but I did watch "Max Headroom" and that was way ahead of its time so it was dumped. A bit of track for plumbing? not really, that is my point, learning to be virtual is a virtue! pun intended. This is how ever far one wants to take it, the ability is limited only by the willingness to learn how to do. I do not waste much time with anything that is not learning emerging or re learning where I was wrong. Making the day as net worthy as possible, I mean in ways to either be better, smarter, richer, or wiser. Oh, I forgot healthier too. at my age that is a given. What if we all had experts on speed dial so to speak, online answers to anything, anytime, anywhere?.... well we do, just use your voice control on your smart phone and ask the internet as you sit in any place... When I was a teen it was "Hee Haw" on TV, now it is E How online, a bit better I would say, wouldn't you? Buckle up because the next decade will be a great one, and don't let the "News" in the media steal your attention away from the tools you are now able to use, the "them" would rather you be scared and distracted than to be active learning how to operate in the new frontier. Don't be a slave to TV, be a participant in the WWW. Be well, Namaste and latter dude. Greg

Rain Water, how hard could it be?

RainWater is naturally soft, plants can hydrate much easier with rainwater than hard well water or hard tap water. This is why plants bloom and look so much better after a rain. So, all we need do, is use the plants that are regionally native in the landscapes we put around buildings. Or with plants that will live on just the rain, adaptive plants. Oh, did I hear you think, "it does not rain enough to support the landscape" ? My reply is we make it hard on ourselves when we want a landscape that is not native, in that we must augment the rain using a piping system and "Tap" water when we go outside of our regions plant natives. We make it hard to maintain an imported plant that is out of it's native environment. We make it "hard" by using hard water, and that is difficult for the plant to consume due to the hardness of the minerals in the water. Ok, you want a lush landscape, that can be done using native and adaptive plants. Other requirements do exist, like mulch, good soil, shade, and correct hydro zoning. Hydro zoning is planting and clustering plants in like areas requiring simular water, sun, and other. If irrigation is used, this grouping is smart so the plants needing water are together and plants needing to dry out between are allowed to do so. Looks are one thing, correct is another, both can co-exist, but good planning is required. Capturing rainwater is one way of creating a greener or more lush landscape with out using the hard and expensive tap water. Simple to do? depends on your definition of simple. Yes hire a professional ARCSA (American RainWater Catchment System Association)contractor, simple enough? Yes, simple enough for the consumer, but far more goes into a well designed and installed system than I thought, till I did a few systems. The water may be soft, but the task is a hard one. Some rules of thumb do exist, but most people want "turn & squirt" that's a play on words like "plug n play". We have come to just think water comes out when we open a faucet! When we stop the faucet, the water just sits there and waits for us to demand it some more. I say "demand it" because if the water does not squirt out instantly, we call plumbers till one shows up and are quite Impatient till the instant hot or cold and clean water just squirts out at our will. Water issues are already in most every town and city in most every country. The reason is the population has expanded, and the water system and capacity have not. Everyday wells go dry from too many wells sucking up all the water. Some wells do not dry up, instead the water just comes out from different levels of rock and aquifers. Too often this new source is very hard or even contaminated from either man caused reasons, or simply natural occouring deposits of non potable substances. Iron may seem easy to filter out, but if it oxidizes it will turn muddy and can foul up your pipes or treatment system. I hear people say, "oh, I will just drill a well and get all the water I want", this is not a sustainable thought, either because the well could drug up, or because if too many people do this the local authorities having control over water issues will set limits on who and how much or when and at what cost… In the 80's I saw the electric company in Az. require electric meters be installed on well systems and put a limit on the power that would be allowed to be used to pump the well water. The ground water is becoming an issue in most areas, most certainly going to be a controlled and limited source.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What have you been drinking?

What have you been drinking? I am glad the election is over, I have never liked elections or holidays, but I do believe in Santa Clause....."That's a joke son, Joke I said " as Foghorn would say... I do believe in peace and civility "Give it a chance I said" . Or was that Lennon? anyway the mild mannered method of Obama is one I like, and I am predicting things will be as he says, tough and long to recover from a fantasy crash in economy that was brought on by an absence of Gov. control on Banks! Yes I said lack of Gov. regulation being enforced on that free market of greed in Banking industry... As well as the fantasy on the homeowners who borrowed foolishly, they got buyers remorse when the fantasy value dropped...then walked.. Blame however is not what is needed it is accountability in Politics and policy makers that needs to be enforced. Most people seem to need control placed on them just like children. Plumbing code is my policy making area and I am doing two different styles right now, one is mandated code. The other is free market optional LEED system way of building.,. To pass exams in both LEED and Code it requires ability to think as one opposite then the other. I am learning a framework of thinking that is challenging and one that allows me to see clearly the assumptions myself and some people make in the architecture of there thinking... I see now some errors in my thinking style that I had before. Being able to remove one set of assumptions and trading them for another set is revealing in a way. I see that most assumptions are not really needed to begin with. Actually assumptions get in the way of clear thinking. I think the term "clear" thinking means clear of assumptions! Now that we have that settled, I am wanting to see both free market as one opposite and Gov. control as the other opposite. Where the free market is allowed to roam is one place, and where control is needed is a very different place. the ability to use both ways of thinking in concert is what it is going to take to fix the "Plumbing" of the USA. So why do we need to compromise politically? because one way is not the only way, what works on people in one area doesn't work on people in another. Example, Banks are subject to greed, as are Corporations. Control is needed. Where as censorship in Arts need not be controlled. The Arts are sold and money is part of the industry but the creation of Arts is not one of needing control. Greed in selling, loaning, owning, controlling needs control. Freedom of choice and expression is subject to both control and open with out control. Policy and laws apply here and there needs to be wisdom and responsibility to go along with freedom and the control too. Ethics are needed as are rules, as is freedom to express, what to do with the "Art" that offends? or the freedom to express in public ? Morals? or Laws? or "Shoot to bastard if he offends you" The right to have a gun, the responsibility to express your self with it in public? My question is why must we deny the correct voices in our minds when we have an urge something that is in need of self control? Is it because we want laws? do we want regret? do we not want to grow up? have we been taught the best ways to think to begin with? Do we learn from others or do we need to be punished for our own mistakes as we re invent the wheel of ethics our selves? I suggest we as a nation embrace or system and vote to apply responsibility and ethics our selves and demand it from our leaders. Let us remember who votes to send our jobs to China and who fights to the end for "Party Politics" and is not thinking with all aspects of the mind allowing one set of extreme values to bleed over to areas needing a totally different set of assumptions. Why must there be a party that wins and one that loses? why not both set of assumptions assume the same task of serving the people and not themselves or some billionaire special greedy interest. Like the Koch Bros.